Kindergarten is an ideal time to introduce and explore age appropriate engineering challenges that tap into children’s blooming cognitive, social, physical, and language skills.

Kindergarten students get their first experience with STEM in a variety of different ways. They start the year out with team building activities, then dive more deeply into what each letter of STEM stands for. In kindergarten students work through engineering units that are based out of the Museum of Science. The curriculum is called Wee Engineer and EiE for Kindergarten. These units will provide students with many hands on engineering units. Some examples are: Raise the Roof: Designing Shelters, Here’s the Scoop: Designing Trash Collectors. Also engineering units of designing: 

Noisemakers , Wrecking Balls , Fans, and Rafts. These are just a small sampling of the projects kindergarten students will be engaged in. 

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